Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar (Burma), March 2016

TIMOTHY AUGER is a London-based editor and writer who spent half his adult life in Singapore and only recently returned. He might have stayed in Asia if COVID-19 had not screwed things up. He has his own company, Link Editorial.

Before moving to Asia in 1996, he was editorial director of the London book-publisher B T Batsford Ltd, specialising in art and architecture as part of a wide range of high-end non-fiction.

For 12 years, Timothy Auger was editorial director of EDM, a Singapore-based publisher of illustrated non-fiction, mostly on culture, history and travel. He was  associated with many important books on Southeast Asia and elsewhere. They include Over Singapore 50 Years Ago; Singapore: A Pictorial History; Eyewitness Travel Guide: Singapore and many moreHe was co-General Editor of Singapore: The Encyclopaedia

Post-EDM, he  worked with Singapore's former president S R Nathan on three books, including Mr Nathan's memoirs, An Unexpected Journey: Path to the PresidencyHe was Consultant Editor for A History of Money in Singapore, published by Talisman for the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Timothy Auger has written several  books, among them Living in a Garden: The Greening of Singapore, and A River Transformed.

He enjoys globe-trotting and taking photographs – he plans to do more of both, as we become increasingly free of COVID-19 travel restrictions.

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